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Our main goal is to create the best painting sets, ensuring our clients are fully satisfied and enjoy both the process and the outcome. We carefully listen to customer feedback and continuously improve our products. Our work is focused on innovation and high quality, making painting accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their experience!

  1. Am I able to paint by numbers if I haven't held a brush in years?

Yes, you can do it if you show a bit of patience and precision. If you have the desire to create and bring joy to both yourself and others, you've made a good start. The quality of the artwork depends on how well each object is drawn and the choice of brushstroke colors. The high quality of drawing objects is achieved thanks to precise lines applied to the canvas under laboratory conditions (the future picture's template). Artists typically use standard color tones in their work, which they mix on a palette to get the necessary shades. Without special skills or training, this can be quite challenging. However, with our paint-by-numbers kits, you receive the exact set of colors needed for the artwork you've chosen. Therefore, by using our paint-by-numbers kits, you can easily achieve excellent results that will surprise your friends and acquaintances.

  1. Do paintings by numbers really look like real paintings?

If you intend to paint a picture for an art museum or gallery, you might need to choose a different creative path. However, we want to tell you that after personally testing over ten different kits, we can confidently say that if you approach the selection of the future picture's theme creatively and show the necessary precision in drawing, the finished work can decorate almost any interior. Whether you wish to keep the picture for yourself or give it as a gift, our catalog offers kits on various themes to suit your needs.

  1. What tools and equipment do I need for paint-by-numbers?

The kit includes a canvas mounted on a frame, pre-marked with lines into sections. Each section is numbered, corresponding to colors with which that section should be painted on the canvas. By correctly filling in all the sections, you will complete the picture.