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At Omaart, we're dedicated to helping you create exquisite artworks through our paint by numbers kits. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, our kits offer a seamless and enjoyable painting experience. Here's a breakdown of how Omaart Paintings by Numbers works:

1. Understanding the Control Sheet: The control sheet plays a crucial role in your painting process. It features the same image as the canvas, making it easy to compare and modify your work. Don't discard the control sheet until your artwork is complete.

2. Mastering the Paint Application: To achieve the best results, we recommend using minimal water. Gently rinse your paintbrush and wipe it before dipping it into the required paint. Don't worry; our kits provide an ample amount of paint to complete your masterpiece.

3. Patience for Reward: While it typically takes about a month to see the final result, the timeline depends on your investment of time. The more time you dedicate to your painting, the more intricate and impressive the outcome will be.

4. Proper Paint Preservation: To prevent paints from drying out as you work, remember to close each paint container after use. Cover the pigment cup when not in use to maintain its freshness and prevent drying.

5. Layering for Depth: Begin your painting by focusing on the brighter and darker shades, gradually moving to the lighter tones. Don't hesitate to layer light shades multiple times to ensure complete coverage of the numbered areas.

6. Tackling Unnumbered Dark Areas: Unnumbered dark areas are meant to be painted using the paint indicated by a white circle in the set. This ensures a cohesive and polished finish.

7. Completion and Framing: After completing your artwork, allow two weeks before varnishing and framing. This time ensures that your masterpiece is fully dried and ready for display.

Explore the world of Omaart Paint by Numbers and unleash your inner artist. With attention to detail and our comprehensive instructions, you'll create beautiful artworks that you can proudly display or gift to others.


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